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Team workshops are multifaceted and can take on any kind of shape and form. What was intended to be a purely strategic planning workshop may ultimately integrate team-building elements in order to bring the group closer together, or the other way around. Team workshops must be meaningful. Something should change after the workshop.

Due to their confidential nature, further detail will not be provided for projects in this category. Please contact me with your questions.

"Ilka is an amazing woman who facilitates with very sensitive antennas. This allows her to capture not only individual personal situations and moods but the Group as a whole.

She has the ability to share very balanced views with her audience without prescribing the way to go. Her talent to instill the desire in her listeners to view situations from different viewpoints leads to a strong and targeted reflection what could be decided and what avoided.

She is an exceptional personality and her vast experience adds lots of value to whoever she works with. My personal experience with her in the context of working for GIZ as Country director of Afghanistan and South African can only be described as phantastic."

Robert Kressirer,  GIZ Country DirectorSouth Africa & Lesotho

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Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues


Multi-stakeholder dialogues have their own unique dynamic and I truly enjoy the challenge of planning and facilitating them. All my underlying principles must be orchestrated in order to design a successful stakeholder engagement process.
Over the years, I have had the pleasure of being involved in various multi-stakeholder processes for a variety of topics, often bringing together governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as the private sector and civil society. These are the opportunities to create spaces for in-depth conversations and an open exchange.
Some examples of multi-stakeholder dialogues that I have designed and facilitated are:
  • Multi-Stakeholder conference for the Designed to Move Approach in South Africa (NIKE South Africa and GIZ)
  • Africa National Implementing Entities (NIE)Workshop, open dialogue for Africa NIEs of the UNFCCC Adaptation Fund (Heinrich-Boell Foundation, South Africa & Kenya)
  • Multi-stakeholder and scenario development process on long-term adaptation strategies (Climate Support Programme GIZ South Africa)
  • Stakeholder process for the GIZ Violence and Crime Prevention Programme South Africa

" I was impressed by the organic buzz that developed amongst participants using the market place methodology, and the considerable skill of Ilka in facilitating an engaged process with participants to draw out the results of their own work. This is a methodology that we will definitely use in future.what is happening "here and now”

Barbara Schreiner, Pegasys Institute


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South Africa’s 2014 National Climate Change Response Dialogue (NCCRD) served as a unique opportunity to bring together scientists, policy-makers, businesses,
NGOs, activists, and all levels of government to debate topical climate change issues, to share innovations and to demonstrate best practice. The conference attracted more than 850 participants from 12 African countries. It was hosted by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).
I was responsible for the programme design, the general flow of the conference, each session’s method and design, the overall coordination of all process-related elements, and the coordination of the exhibition.
For me, it was important to contradict the assumption that "large audience conferences can only be input driven". My focus was on enabling conversations and exchange amongst all participants, as well as on creating meeting and networking spaces.

"Ilka successfully facilitated real and in-depth discussions about climate change, a contentious topic at the best of times with a large and diverse group.  Wish that all stakeholder consultations could be as meaningful as this” 

Harmke Immink director Promethium Carbon on the National Climate Change Response Dialogue in 2014.


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