Meaningful Facilitation & Support for your processes


"The customised 2-day training workshop was excellent. The content was relevant and accessible, the format was engaging and Ilka made it enjoyable. Most importantly, there was a strong practical element linked to real work we’re doing, which is where the bulk of the learning took place.”

​Jake Morris

B&M Analysts Cape Town.


I believe that facilitating is a creative act. The ART OF FACILITATION is an inspiring development programme that gives you an opportunity to sharpen and broaden your practice as a FACILITATOR. The programme will grow your confidence, expand your skills and add new tools to your tool kit so that you can be the best facilitator you can be.

The programme focuses on deepening your grasp of the core principles of facilitation, while covering a range of approaches and tools to help you design the best approach for your client or the group you are working with. It will give you the FREEDOM to FACILITATE as you will build a solid platform from which to practise and experiment.

We are offering courses in Johannesburg and Cape Town:  The Art of Facilitation Journey in Cape Town starts on 1 November 2019 (1. module) and in February 2020 in Johannesburg. Please have a look at or contact me for more information.

The Art of Facilitation


" Dear Ilka

I would like to thank you again for your immeasurable support and the  learning you have provided to our team in the past 3 years. At a team level we have achieved much more alignment and focus in terms of managing our planning and engagement processes; since having implemented your process recommendations at the highly successful  2014 National Climate Change Response Dialogue.  At a personal level, you have imparted a life-long problem solving  skill and ability to manage engagements to achieve solutions."


Dineo Ngobeni, Directorate Administrative Support, Climate Change and Air Quality branch of the Department of Environmental Affairs.




Effective, meaningful meetings
Meetings are often a waste of time. Intending to manage them differently, we learn new methods and despair when, week after week, nothing changes. Methods alone are not enough to shift an existing culture. They need to be combined with facilitative skills and an understanding of group dynamics in an organisational context. I offer support in running effective, meaningful meetings and can also
develop useful formats and templates.
Meeting Formats & Workshop templates
These acknowledge your particular needs and objectives, respect your meeting culture, yet propose more efficient ways to interact. The formats or templates can be used without external facilitation. The developing steps include:
• Briefing sessions to understand your needs
• Attending a meeting and/or workshop to understand the culture
• Designing a workshop/meeting sequence with a detailed facilitation script
• Supporting you or facilitating the first session to showcase and fine-tune the process
• Offering continuous support, if required.
Supporting in process design


Supporting Organisational units (OD) in process design
I bring an external perspective to discussions about change processes or transitions. I assist with visualisation and structure, as well as the development of process
architectures, intervention sequences or road maps. If needed, I can support the facilitation of key moment events or bigger consultation rounds so that you do not have to balance different roles and responsibilities during these interventions.
This offer is particularly useful for OD or HR units in organisations that face complex transition and change processes and who could benefit from external input in the
design and structure of their interventions.
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